Monday, April 26, 2010

One Job

Prior to our move, we had the same HD-DVR for years. It didn't have much disk space, had a terribly slow interface, and didn't cooperate with the universal remote very well. So I wasn't sad at all to turn it back in to Charter with the hope that we would get something better when we signed back up.

As it turned out the new DVR was much improved over the previous model. It had way, way more storage, a moderately faster interface and a more sane grid format for the TV Guide (which I believe is/was patented and why the old one had an obnoxious 'cross' scheme). All was good in the land of DVRs.

Until it seemed like there were an awful lot of weeks when the two series that we have it set to record weren't showing (either of them). We didn't think too much about it until this past week when we know for sure there was a new episode of the Mentalist that is nowhere to be found on the DVR. Oh it shows the next few scheduled episodes that will be recorded, but last week failed to do it's one and only job. Further compounding the annoyance is that CBS is stuck in 2001 and does not appear to offer any online streaming for the Mentalist.

I am perfectly capable of failing to record shows, I don't need a fancy machine to do it for me. The trouble now is that every time a show doesn't record, research will be required to double check whether it just wasn't on or if the machine decided to take a vacation again. And considering it's sole purpose in life is to record stuff without me having to think about it, the DVR will likely not be long for this house if it continues to call in sick.


Robin said...

The Ricke-Vescio house is also still stuck in 2001, where we have no tivo or dvr.

Steve Eck said...

We don't use the DVR a whole lot, but it does make things so much nicer to be able to skip commercials. It's well worth the money during football season, as we can watch a Vikings game in far less time then if we had to watch the extra hour of commercials.