Sunday, April 04, 2010


DSC_5125We made it back from Duluth safe and sound after Easter weekend. It was a busy trip, with lots of family to visit, and things to do while we were in town, but it was fun to spend time with Linzy's family and grandparents.

Linzy's parent's new dog Ollie and Pippen managed to survive the weekend, although it was touch and go at points. Pippen is basically an ornery old lady who is used to being the center of attention and is fairly lazy these days. Ollie is a puppy with a puppy's energy level and memory. So, for example, reminding him just once that he isn't allowed to sneak up on you and sniff your butt is not going to get the job done.

Worse, at least from Pippen's perspective, Ollie is cute, friendly and loves people. So watching Linzy love up the new puppy only made Pippen that much grumpier. If I hadn't felt so bad for Pippen the hunted look in her eyes all weekend while she tried to be vigilant about the puppy jumping on her would have been kind of funny.

Most of the time Pippen would just move/run away from the puppy, but if he still insisted on chasing her, then there would be a little bit of growling. If that still wasn't enough, then occasionally more drastic measures were required:


Which, of course, Ollie thought was great fun. In general though, the two dogs got along pretty well and with a few more days for adjustment I'm sure they could have been holy terrors. Larry and Sandy will get to test that out in mid-May when Pippen will be taking a spring vacation to Duluth for a week.


Anonymous said...

Cover Pip's ears, but Ollie sure is cute :)

Steve Eck said...

Pippen would like me to let you know that she now refers to you as 'the traitor'. :)