Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reclaimed Timbers

DSC_5152This spring when the snow melted, I discovered a little present left in the front yard: a pretty good sized pile of leftover wood. I waited several weeks for the builder to pick up the wood, but they never did.

Eventually I couldn't stand it anymore and once the mud dried up a little I ventured out to the pile to take a look. The pile contained quite the collection of exterior grade cedar boards, including a 16 foot 2x12 board and a bunch of 16 foot 2x4s, 2x6s and shorter 1x10s. There was also some leftover cedar shakes. It was clear that the builder was not going to take the wood back, I suppose because it had been in the snow all winter, but cedar dries out well and so I moved some of the more useful boards into my garage to dry out.

I didn't have a particular plan for the wood, other then knowing I was going to be building shelves at the back of the third garage stall. But then my dad was over and we were looking over the wood pile and he suggested building a workbench. I had been checking workbenches out at Home Depot lately but couldn't find any that seemed reasonably priced, so building one out of 'free' wood sounded perfect.

This past weekend I finally got around to constructing a workbench and it turned out to be easy and took far less time then I was originally thinking. I didn't make anything fancy, just a 4 foot by 2 foot two-level bench with 2x4s for supports and 2x12 surfaces based on a general idea for a similar workbench I saw online once. The end result was a really sturdy feeling (and really heavy) workbench, but it should work great for the miscellaneous projects I will use it for.

Considering the simplicity of the project compared to others I have done, I am disproportionally happy with the outcome. So much so that I was already considering building a lighter version to put in the garage (the current one is in the basement). Depending on how you look at the price of the wood from the front yard it was either the cheapest or most expensive project I've ever done.

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