Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 Tonight a group of co-workers and I went golfing at the University of Minnesota - Les Bolstad course. I hadn't been golfing since the last time I went for work almost two years ago. For the record, that time off didn't exactly help my game.

Fortunately we were playing scramble rules again which I find much more relaxing to play then if I had to hack my way around every hole in 10 shots. We started around 6pm and managed to get 12 holes in before they were shutting things down. The first six holes actually were going pretty well, I had some nice shots and a really nice putt from the fringe for birdie. On the second six we switched groups and the wheels totally came off my game, especially on the tee.

The U of M course was OK, but I can see why it is knocked for not being well maintained, the fairways were definitely not as nice as you would see at other courses. It is also fairly short, but definitely hilly (perhaps not as dramatically hilly as Theodore Wirth but probably more consistently hilly).

Anyways I still had a good time, and it was fun to get out with co-workers and enjoy the nice weather and fairly empty golf course. Look for another golfing post sometime in 2012.

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