Monday, April 12, 2010

Video Games Live

On Saturday Brenden, Allison, Linzy and I went to the Video Games Live concert at Orchestra Hall. Brenden and Allison had been to one a few years ago in Houston but it was the first show for Linzy and I. Since I am a big video game nerd, I had a great time and really enjoyed the show, and it was done well enough that a non video-gamer like Linzy was able to enjoy it too.

The show was basically the Minnesota Orchestra, along with a choir and Tommy Tallarico performing the music of video games, with three giant screens behind the orchestra showing videos or footage of the games. There were also some interactive segments where an audience member came up to play Space Invaders while the orchestra provided the sound effects, and when the winner of a Guitar Hero tournament came up to play along with the band. Martin Leung also performed two segments on the piano and was pretty impressive.

My favorite parts were probably the Warcraft segment and the Guitar Hero segment. The Warcraft songs were accompanied by a video made up of Blizzard's quality cut scene movies, including the fall of Arthas which I always liked. The Guitar Hero segment was playing "Jump" by Van Halen and the contest winner (a 15 year-old kid, of course) was awesome jumping around with the music, doing power slides during the solo, and playing with hammer-on/pull-offs only during the hardest parts.

There were only two bad things about the show, first it was mostly the same as what Brenden and Allison had seen before, so they didn't enjoy it as much as Linzy and I did, and second SquareEnix are a bunch of jerks and won't let video montages be used with their music. Since many of my favorite games are Final Fantasy games it would have been awesome to be able to see the games while the orchestra (or Martin Leung) was playing the music. But alas since Square has it's own music concerts, they don't let others use video from the games.

Regardless the Video Games Live concert was a lot of fun, and I am glad that we went. I'm not so sure how much it would be appreciated by a non-gamer, but I certainly had a good time.

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