Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Ever since starting at my current job back in 2006 and riding the bus every day, I've played a lot of portable video games during the rides back and forth. For older GBA games, some of this was on a Gameboy Advance SP, but mostly it was on a Nintendo DS (both Phat and Lite). With an average of about 40 minutes in commute each way, I can go through games pretty quickly. That is one reason why I like games that are going to take a long time to finish, and tend to play them until every last extra boss is defeated.

Despite this, and the fact that I played the same game for months at a time (Disgaea for 9 months, Final Fantasy 5 for three months, etc) I have found myself starting to run out of compelling games to play.

Oh there are definitely ones out there that I haven't played, but if I look through the top 50 DS games on gamerankings.com I've played nearly all of the ones that are even remotely interesting to me, and the Gameboy Advance list is in a similar state. I have another couple games that caught my eye and after that it will be slim pickings.

The interesting thing is that it seems like big releases for the DS are starting to slow to a trickle. A few games here and there, but nothing like back in 2006 when they were selling a DS to every man, woman and child in Japan. I guess that is inevitable as the platform ages (6 years is a long time for any console), but since the 3DS is not slated to arrive late this year or early next year, it leaves me in somewhat of limbo right now.

So much of a limbo that I was debating buying Chaos Rings on my iPhone, despite the ridiculous $13 price. Before I stoop to that kind of SquareEnix tax though, I'm trying to play through a few old games and hopefully will use some birthday money in June for something new. Perhaps Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the highest rated DS game on gamerankings.

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