Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garage Shelves 2.0

DSC_5234Ever since we moved in, I've been plotting to build some sort of shelves in the garage to allow me to finally clean up the mess there. A couple of weekends ago I went and retrieved the last of the wood that I had been storing in my parent's garage during the move. That was more or less the last straw for the disaster zone that had been collecting in the garage, and since I now had the wood to do something about it, it was time to build some shelves.

Linzy left on a trip on Saturday, which gave me the opportunity to really make a mess in the garage. The general goal was to use up a significant portion of the wood in the garage to build the shelves, thus helping to clean things up and provide space for everything else to be put away. The approximate plan for the shelves was to go floor to ceiling, and run along the back wall of the third garage stall and wrap around the wall, but leave enough room for a heater and workbench (someday).

I went through a few iterations of plans trying to keep reducing the amount of wood required and eventually came up with a plan that required purchasing only 12 8 foot 1x2 boards and two 4x8 sheets of plywood. I could have reduced that further but then things would have looked really junky. And so, after a trip to Menards to pick up the 1x2s, construction started.

Having done this once before, I knew more or less what I was in for, and also developed the plans to minimize the amount of cutting I would need to do. So by the end of Saturday evening, with a stop for dinner and another to recharge the drill battery, I had the skeleton frame mostly complete.


On Sunday Larry came down to pick up Pippen for a week and so I roped him into helping me go and get the plywood. With that, I spent the afternoon finishing up the shelves. For a total investment of less then $50 and around 8-10 hours of a one-man construction crew, the shelves were complete.

Unfortunately, while you would think that these shelves, being 2.0, would be in all ways better then my previous shelves I don't think they are. For one thing, even though we have a 10' 2" ceiling in the garage I still only ended up with three shelves. Those they are much taller then the old shelves, the overall available shelf space isn't much better. Also, because I was limited in the number of floor-to-ceiling boards available and how they attached, I didn't get to space things out as optimally as I wanted. Also because I was trying to get things done this weekend in limited time, I was more rushed then I would like and so some of the quality suffered.

Anyways, the shelves will work just fine, I'm sure. And if I really have more junk then can fit on 16'x3 shelves, I should probably get rid of some things anyways. I am excited to finally get the garage straightened out and unpack some of the last boxes we still haven't opened. Plus I always enjoy working on miscellaneous construction projects, especially when the weather is as nice as it was this weekend.


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