Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's budget planning time at work, and today while I was going through the telecom budget with our business operations director I commented on how it just continues to go up. He joked "Yeah, I think we should go back to pagers", to which I immediately and emphatically replied "Oh, I hated my pager".

When I thought about it later, I was surprised at how decisive my feelings were. Normally I can see many sides to issues, and don't always have a strong opinion. Certainly it's not normal for me to 'hate' a technology device. But the pager, I definitely hated.

What is strange is even when I left my last job where I had a pager, it's not like I no longer get called off-hours. In fact, I get called all the time. But I don't hate my phone.

It could be that since the phone does all kinds of other useful things, not just interrupt my precious evening and weekend hours. And there is always the possibility when the phone rings its not some sort of work crisis. Not frequent, perhaps, but possible. The pager, on the other hand, had no such redeeming value.

Apparently if you want to get on my bad side, just interrupt my life 10-20 times a day for weeks or years at a time.

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