Thursday, May 06, 2010


 Around this time last year Linzy, Allison and Laura had a fairly successful garage sale. That success along with all of the rediscovered treasures from a house move, and the large amount of very usable clothes unusable by rapidly growing children inspired them to put on a two-day only repeat performance.

So last night we spent the evening over at Paul & Laura's getting everything setup, and today Linzy and Laura spent a very cold day in the garage selling things a few bucks at a time. Or, in the case of one cheapskate who wouldn't pay 25 cents, 10 cents at a time.

Anyways, part of a good garage sale is making signs to advertise it and somewhere over the past year we managed to lose all of our jumbo sign-making markers. Tonight I was out in the kitchen and noticed what must have been the replacement purchase, a Sharpie 'Professional'.

I bet you didn't even know they made a professional grade Sharpie marker. I know I didn't. What, you might ask, does a professional Sharpie user's uncompromising taste demand in a marker? Funny you should ask:

1) A fatter shape
2) Rubberized padding on the end you hold
3) A chisel tip

Apparently that is all it takes to make a Sharpie into a Sharpie Professional. The chisel tip seems counter-intuitive since in my mind one of the main things that makes a Sharpie a Sharpie is the precision tip. Other then that, it would pretty much just be a black marker.

I am somewhat afraid to ask what we paid for such an improved Sharpie, as it would probably make me sad. On the other hand it is not uncommon for strange new products to show up here when Linzy finds a coupon to try one free. I was lucky enough to avoid the Sunkist Solar Fusion a few weeks ago, but most likely this Sharpie will be around much longer then that travesty. So perhaps I will end up hooked and demand that henceforth we only purchase professional grade Sharpies.

Sharpie marketers can hope, I guess.

[ Incidentally the garage sale last year ended up kicking off the sequence that led to us moving, so in comparison things more expensive pens would still be an improvement. ]

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