Thursday, May 27, 2010


I spent most of this week in Appleton, Wisconsin and will be headed back most of next week as well. Appleton is about 30 miles outside of Green Bay, so further then I would want to drive to. When booking the flight for this week last Thursday I was surprised that:

1) I could fly directly into Appleton
2) That there were tons of flights to choose from

I was expecting to have to fly to Green Bay, or some other town and then drive to Appleton or that I would only have one or two flights a day to choose from. Instead, as far as I could tell, Delta has a plane flying back and forth from Minneapolis to Appleton all day long.

Also surprisingly, both of the flights I was on were completely full. Again, I was expecting a handful of people, mostly those from my office who were traveling out there.

Appleton itself was nice enough, although I didn't see much of it other then the client site, the hotel, and the couple of restaurants on the main drag that I ate at. I certainly enjoyed the one hour plane flight versus the 3.5-4 hour flights I had taken to and from California and Florida the previous week.

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