Monday, May 03, 2010

Senior Moment

Pippen 017Once upon a time, in a house not far from here there was a little puppy by the name of Pippen. She weighed just a little over two pounds, had lots of energy, took naps wherever the mood struck her, and was generally a happy dog. The years went by, and Pippen got older. Year by year she got a little lazier then the one before. Pippen started getting accused of being chubby, was mutilated during a grooming session, moved to a house where she can't walk on half the floors, and most recently had to start putting up with the new puppy in the extended family, Ollie.

However none of these insults quite compare to when, last week, her vet sent a postcard announcing that as Pippen turned seven she was now due for her first-ever "Senior checkup". The postcard callously called out how in her advanced age Pippen was now prone to all sorts of embarrassing illnesses and ailments and how with proper treatment the most could still be made of her golden years.

Crossroads Animal Hospital, Pippen would like you to know that she hates you all.


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Anonymous said...

Poor puppy :)