Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Six Years of Bad Humor

Six years ago I had some extra time on my hands one evening and decided to start a blog. I had actually tried to start one a month or two before that, but at the time Blogger wasn't accepting any new sign-ups. The idea fell by the wayside until one evening when I had some extra time and decided maybe I would check again.

I don't recall the exact reasons I was thinking that a blog was just the hobby I needed to fill up the last remaining spare time I had. It was partly boredom, and partly due to reading other technical blogs and thinking "I know more then these guys, I could do better".

Probably the biggest reason, though, was that at the time I was laboring in secret to make a DVD for Linzy for our first anniversary in June. That was an extremely frustrating process because movie editing programs at the time (and to some extent still today) were horrible. Everything had ridiculous limitations that ended up causing me to use at least four separate programs just to put together a 20 minute-long splice of our wedding video plus a slideshow of pictures with a few text overlays and music. That seemed like something that should take a few hours of time one weekend, and instead it took me around 6 weeks. Because it was a secret, I couldn't even bitch about how terrible the process was going to Linzy and so the blog seemed like it would provide an outlet for complaining.

As time went on, I found it much more entertaining for myself to write about random things that I found interesting rather then technical topics. And so you've gotten six years worth of posts on amazingly miscellaneous and trivial topics.

Honestly I never expected the blog to make it even to the first year, let alone six. Thus I'm fairly proud of that even if I am at the same time fairly embarrassed at the ever declining post counts and what I perceive to be a similar decline in the quality of the posts especially over the past few years. But being overly self-critical is pretty much who I am, so I don't see why the blog would not have to labor under the same unreasonable standards.

On the hand, with a tagline (that has never changed BTW) like 'Proving my sense of humor isn't funny to anyone buy me', I can't really claim that my goal was writing something that millions of people would find value in. So I'll keep posting about movies, video games, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Here's to making it to ten!


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Congrats, Steve!

I'm glad you made it longer than I did. :)

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