Sunday, June 20, 2010


DSC_5280On Friday, three weeks and two days shy of when we signed the purchase agreement on the new house we finally received the last of the outstanding items to complete our home: a lawn!

The landscaping in the front yard was completed at the beginning of the month, and then last week was a frenzy of activity with tree delivery for seven trees and sprinkler system installation on Wednesday, garage door painting, and finally sod installation on Friday afternoon. It is hard to describe how annoying it is to live for four months in spring and summer with just a dirt yard. Everything seems to always be dusty and muddy no matter how diligently we try to keep it clean. But now we have sod and in three weeks or so I'll be back to complaining about having to mow the lawn all the time.

It takes a lot of sod to do an entire lawn.

Closer look at some of the landscaping in front.

A fully sodded backyard

The three new 10' River Birch clumps.

I'm really excited to have the lawn rooted in and able to be used in a few weeks.

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