Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

DSC_5298Last weekend when we were over at my parent's house for father's day my parent's gave me a bottle of Naga Jolokia ghost pepper hot sauce. They had apparently seen it at the Minneapolis farmer's market and picked it up for me after remembering me telling them about the ghost pepper.

The bottle lists the heat rating as "insane++" and says the sauce is good on many types of ethnic foods as well as being an excellent industrial cleaner. I assume that last part is a joke, but the sauce does contain pure hot pepper extract as well, so in a pinch it could probably double for mace.

Anyways, my Dad, Mom and I all decided to try the sauce on a little piece of tortilla. We went cautious, using a toothpick to get one drop per piece. The bottle does not have a flow regulator, so there was no other real way to limit the amount. Even with just a drop, I could definitely feel the heat, as both my tongue and lips were tingling. The sauce actually had a better flavor then some other ones I've had, much less tabasco-y. And the heat stayed with you for a long time. It was actually amazing how long considering how little we put on.

Using a drop at a time, it is going to take me a long time to go through 5oz of the sauce, but I definitely will be trying it some more.


Bill Roehl said...

Which Mpls Farm Market was this for sale at? I need to buy some this weekend. If they don't know that, where'd they get this bottle? Online or locally?

Because of my obsession with the ghost pepper (and its varying sauces) I'll end up going through it quickly and need to make sure I buy enough ;-)

Anonymous said...

We got it at the main Mpls farmer's market near the International Market Square. I believe the vendor's name may be Carribean Heat. At least that is what the name of the homemade tortillas are that they sell, which by the way are very good :) Hope you can find them.

Steve Eck said...

Bill, You can also get it from Amazon, apparently.

Bill Roehl said...

Thanks for the help. CH tried to claim they were selling their own homemade ghost sauce to me but when I requested a sample and they reluctantly gave it to me it was clear it didn't include the pepper.

I'm probably one of the few people they've ever attempted to sell their sauces to that would know the difference.

I guess I'll be buying it from Amazon being that I don't want to give CH any more money to dupe others.