Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Record

As anyone who has tried to stream Netflix videos knows, even though they offer HD quality levels on many movies if your network speed supports it, there is roughly a 0% chance that you will actually succeed in watching the whole show at that level. At least I've never seen it happen. Tonight Linzy and I were watching an episode of Dollhouse via streaming and the 360 spent a lot of time on video startup buffering HD quality for the show. Which lasted all of 16 seconds, before it adjusted back to SD quality.

Normally our router/cable modem are able to eke out at least a few minutes of high quality before falling back to normal mode, but today apparently we didn't even make it out of the first buffer. Linzy and I had been playing a game of trying to guess how long the HD would last whenever the shows switch back and forth, but 16 seconds was far below even our most pessimistic estimates.

Since many evenings I have to release/renew the DHCP address on our router in order to be able to do much of anything, I assume that is at least part of the problem, but it still seems funny that each time we start a show it is 'sure' that this time HD is going to work.

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