Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Split Rock Lighthouse

IMG_0325On Monday to celebrate our seventh anniversary, Linzy and I took a trip up to Split Rock Lighthouse which is about 20 miles north of Two Harbors. The drive from Linzy's parent's house was pretty quick and so we got their shortly after it opened. That turned out to be a good plan because even though it was a Monday as the day wore on the crowds definitely picked up.

I had never been to the lighthouse and Linzy had not been for quite a while, so we both had a good time. There was a pretty interesting movie that we started with, and then we went on the 45 minute guided tour. After that we spent some time wandering around the grounds, hiking down to the shore to check out the 150 foot cliff the light house sits on, and generally enjoying the views of the lake.

The whole facility was pretty interesting, with costumed guides in the keeper's house and the lighthouse, lots of vintage equipment to look at, and interesting information on how the lighthouse beacon worked. We ended up spending almost three hours there, and had a really good time.

The foghorn building and the lighthouse.

The lighthouse keeper's house, as well as the first and second assistant's houses. They were quite fancy by 1910 standards, with running water and indoor toilets, although no electricity until the 19402.

The shoreline to the south.

There are more pictures in the Flickr set.

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