Monday, June 14, 2010


Linzy and I were up in Duluth this weekend and came back today. It was a full weekend of family activities, with a cousin's graduation party on Saturday and then family birthdays on Sunday. We also had some time to spent catching up with Linzy's parents and grandparents.

Today Linzy and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, and instead of making a day trip to a specific town like in the past, we drove up to Split Rock Lighthouse and spent several hours touring the site. It was more interesting then either of us was expecting, and on the way back we stopped for a nice lunch at a little cafe along highway 61 before heading back to Duluth and then home.

While it wasn't a particularly lazy weekend, it was fun to see everyone and Linzy and I had a good time seeing the lighthouse. It's nice to be home now, and staying here for the next few weeks.

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