Monday, June 28, 2010

Work With Me Here

The Altima is in currently in the shop for a minor, but expensive repair to the exhaust system. That car will be turning eight this September, and up to this point has had only one other repair we had to pay for (an O2 sensor). That kind of reliability, however, doesn't buy loyalty in this household, as Linzy talks regularly about replacing it with something more to her liking.

The problem, other then that pesky 'paying for it' issue, is that the other car will be 10 years old in September and so should have first dibs on any replacement plans. Fortunately that car has also been super reliable, with just one repair we had to pay for (again, an O2 sensor).

So while neither car really deserves immediate plans for replacement, as they creep up in age and miles we've been trying to figure out what the right course of action is that will keep us with reliable cars but not break the bank. While also struggling with my innate preference to refuse to replace a working and reliable vehicle. The lack of a clear plan means we just keep doing what we're doing, which is...nothing: Linzy talks about new cars a few times a week and I keep more-or-less doing nothing.

Anyways, when Linzy took the car in for the exhaust repair, they didn't have the parts and so gave her a loaner car for the evening. That loaner turned out to be a Nissan Rogue, one of the top cars on Linzy's list of replacements. So Linzy's spent the day tooling around in a shiny new dream car, checking out the spacious trunk and testing the AWD handling.

Which I'm sure will end up costing us money, over and above whatever the repair costs. No word yet on whether the sales people walked her around the lot past all of the cars until they found one that made her eyes dilate with new car frenzy.


Brenden said...

Wow, nice loaner!
Yep, the old when to replace the car discussion. We're having the same talks. And like you, it is our slightly newer car which is getting most of the grumbling. Of course, all Allison has to say if I tell her that we should replace my older car first is: "Then you can drive my car"

"Replace the VW it is!"

Thanks for the warning about watching for the fancy loaner, that just sounds dangerous.

Robin said...

I love the Rogue! It comes in a really lovely eggplant color that I find absolutely divine. Maybe I should mention it to Linzy???

Anonymous said...

I’ve got a 2001 Maxima & have had to replace my 0(2) sensor twice. I’ve got the check engine light on AGAIN & by the performance , it’s the same issue. Really don’t want to pay almost 500 to get it fixed.

Steve Eck said...

Brenden, I'll trade you an Altima

Robin, I don't think she needs to know. :)