Sunday, June 06, 2010

You People

On Thursday evening at 7:15 I was supposed to be flying home on a luxurious turbo-prop from Appleton. Instead, at 6:00 I was dropping off a co-worker at the airport to take that same flight home, and calling our travel agency to extend my trip another day.

Me: Hi, I am supposed to be on a flight in an hour, but something came up and so I have to change flights. Could you please rebook me on tomorrow's flight?
Travel Agent: Okay, no problem.
Me: Great. I'd like the 3pm flight tomorrow.
Travel Agent: Okay. Err. Wait, are you checked in?
Me: Yeah, my plans just changed in the last twenty minutes.
Travel Agent: Oh. Well I can't change your ticket if you are checked in. Go online and cancel the checking
Me: I'm in a car, I can't really do that right now.
Travel Agent: Sigh. Are you sure?
Me: Uh, yeah, I really can't get online right now.
Travel Agent: Sigh.
Me: ...
Travel Agent: Sigh. Now I'll have to call Delta, and that will take 45 minutes.
Me: Hmm, sorry.
Travel Agent: You people are always making it so hard on us, checking in for flights and then wanting to change plans.
Me: Uhh, look, I'm the one who has to stay here an extra day instead of going home. So I'm not doing it on purpose. I'm sorry it makes your job harder.

I can honestly say that I was not expecting to get a lecture from the travel agent. Nor was I particularly in the mood for politely agreeing that I was a cad by having checked in for a flight online, knowing that I was also going to have to call and disappoint Linzy next. Although I can certainly sympathize with her frustration over last minute changes as I imagine having your job be to man the 'departure in less then 4 hours' line on our travel number results in basically 100% of your time spent cleaning up emergency travel reservations for people. And that would pretty much suck. I guess I was one of 'those people' last week, though through no real fault of my own.

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