Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cracked Mirror

My bus ride this evening took quite a bit longer then normal after we got into an accident. I am not exactly clear on what happened, but I think while driving on the shoulder the bus clipped the side-view mirror on a car. The fact that I didn't even notice it happen probably indicates how minor it was. But we still spent an hour waiting around for the highway patrol/metro transit/whoever to show up and give everyone the OK to continue on their way.

It would have been nice if the next bus that runs 30 minutes later had stopped by to pick us up while they sorted out the details, but that was not to be. The worst part was that I am currently bored with my replay of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so I spent quite a while bored and surfing the web on my phone.

In September it will have been four years of riding the bus to work, and this is the first time that a bus-company-related problem caused a delay. So I suppose in the grand scheme of things that is pretty good.

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