Monday, July 12, 2010


DSC_5319I mentioned in the last post that over the weekend I built moderately temporary stairs to our backyard. The stairs have been in the plans for quite a while, but suffered from many delays. First I was waiting until the backyard dried after the snow melted, but then I decided that I needed to wait for the sod, which then needed to be watered in, etc. The bottom line was there were quite a few reasonable (or what I thought were reasonable) delays.

Finally the weekend before last I was going to build the steps and so on Friday Linzy and I went over to Home Depot to buy the necessary wood. After spending a while trying to find the right kind of hangers for the stairs, decide on the optimal width for the stairs, and finding someone to cut the wood for us, we were finally checking out when I realized that the board we had purchased and had cut into thirds for steps was actually a 2x8 instead of a 2x10. So it was back to the rear of the store to find a 2x10 board and someone to cut it for us (again).

By that point we'd spent a lot longer getting the parts then either Linzy or I had expected, but in theory I would be all set to start construction the next day. Until I brought the boards out back and realized that the drop from patio door to yard was actually going to need four steps not three.

This reached my limit of patience with the project for that weekend, and so it got delayed another weekend, when I worked up the energy to make another trip back to the store, return the three step stairs and get four step pieces, as well as two more 2x10 boards (because you can't buy them in less then 8' lengths).

After all of that, the actual construction time of 60-90 minutes seemed like the easiest part. And the stairs seem much sturdier then I was expecting, although I have my doubts about whether they will sink into the very soft ground in the backyard. But since the master plan involves some sort of more permanent patio/deck/porch, they should be fine in the meantime.

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