Monday, July 05, 2010

Good Weekend

It's hard to believe the three day weekend is already over, it went by so quickly. Linzy and I had a good weekend, even if we mostly just did things around the house, relaxed and generally took it easy. The house is cleaned up, I got a bunch of exercising in and watched a good movie, the lawn is mowed for the first time ever, and we went for a fair amount of walks even though the weather was uncomfortably hot and muggy most of the weekend.

We had also Fred, Robin and Talia over on Sunday and had a great time with them. Pippen and Talia became BFFs after Tally threw a whole plate filled with cut-up hot dogs on the floor while Pippen was standing within striking distance (Pippen says she's no dummy and has been around kids eating before).

Now I guess it is back to the grind. It's hard to believe it is already July, Summer will be over before I know it.


Robin said...

So you decided to mow the lawn! HA! I'm sure its so beautiful still. [our lawn has really fallen in comparison]

Thanks again!

Steve Eck said...

I did mow it, and it was a long process. It was a good thing I didn't try to wait the full three weeks they recommended, I would have needed a thresher!