Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Guild: Season 3

During my movie write-up yesterday, one show slipped my mind (mostly because I cheat and mostly just look at our Netflix history to come up with the shows to mention). The missed show was the second half of the third season of The Guild.

I've mentioned The Guild here a couple times before, and both Linzy and I enjoy it. The episodes are short so you can zip through a whole season in not too long. Both Season 1 and Season 2 were funny, and Season 3 definitely had some very amusing moments. Probably the one we laughed the hardest at was the episode in which the guild accepts video submissions for a new member. They were both hilarious and exactly what I instantly envisioned when one of the characters said "I put out a call for video applications for the guild".

Wil Wheaton was awesome as the enemy guild leader, of course, and the season was overall quite good. It was convenient timing that we finished the season since season 4 came out this week, and so we can watch that over the next few months as the episodes come out.

If you haven't watched The Guild yet and you can appreciate a good MMORPG reference (or even just appreciate nerdy video game playing characters) the show is definitely worth watching. It's far less mainstream then Big Bang Theory, but still accessible enough for Linzy to enjoy it.

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