Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I didn't have anything amusing to mention here tonight, and since its been about a month since the last time I consolidated quick reviews of the movies I've been watching, that's what you get today.

Clerks 2 - Oh, Kevin Smith how you break my heart. I really want to like your movies again, but they've been so bad for so long. I really liked Clerks back in the day, Clerks 2 on the other hand has very few redeeming qualities. A few funny parts, sure, but overall it was not very good. Almost too dull to make it through while exercising.

New In Town - Fred mocked me for having allowed this to grace our doorstep, and in my defense it was a mistake, but it was on our queue so at some level you knew it was going to show up someday. Linzy and I watched it and both thought it was decent enough. I was disappointed that they didn't have a single shot that I could pick out as actually being in New Ulm. But the story was amusing if predictable.

What Doesn't Kill You - This was courtesy of a Netflix recommendation and they were spot on. I watched this while exercising and really enjoyed the based-on-a-true story and characters. The guy who wrote it about his life also directed it, which is pretty amazing when you look back at what he went through. I was glad Netflix pointed it out to me.

Alice in Wonderland - Linzy and I watched this last weekend and...meh. It was visually very cool, even colorful as Tim Burton movies go. The story was OK, but overall I wasn't super thrilled with it. Nothing stands out as particularly annoying or bad, but it just didn't grab me. Helena Bonham Carter did play an awesome Red Queen. "Off with their head!"

Dollhouse Season 1 - Linzy and I started watching this ill-fated Joss Whedon TV show and are both really enjoying it. We're only about 4 episodes into the series, but I like the characters and am interested in seeing where things go. I'm sad that there are only two short seasons to watch. That's more then we got for Firefly though, so I suppose I should be happy with what I can get.

Heat - I started watching this while exercising after having seen it on TV a few weeks ago, but apparently my DVD was a special edition featuring an extra muffled soundtrack because I could only barely hear what was going on even with the volume cranked. So then I got bored and never finished the movie because something better came in the mail.

Burn Notice Season 3 - I was embarrassingly excited to get this disc finally, as I really enjoy Burn Notice. Linzy has been watching episodes when they are on TV, but I was holding out to watching them on DVD. So far I've only had time to watch a single episode while exercising, and it was pretty good. I'm excited to see what this season brings.

Toy Story 3 - Last weekend Linzy and I went to see this in the theater (non-3D) and both enjoyed it. I liked how they acknowledged that the audience from the first two Toy Stories had grown up some and didn't just do another story with all the characters the same age. Linzy claims that I was crying like a girl at the ending, but I believe she was mistaken when trying to look through her own flood of tears.


Reuben said...

I actually really liked Clerks 2. I was terrified going into it that it would turn out like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was pretty respectful of the original.

Steve Eck said...

Reuben, I agree that it was respectful to the original. Perhaps I was expecting too much.