Sunday, July 11, 2010

Proper Motivation

On Saturday I was pretty active, getting in a pretty well paced bike ride, mowing and edging the lawn, building steps to the backyard for the patio door, taking the dog for a walk, and spending an hour or so digging up and replacing a sprinkler head in addition to all the normal sedentary things I do on the weekend. So when I went for today's bike ride I was thinking 'boy my legs kind of hurt, better take it easy today'.

Until, that is, there were two bikers in full biking apparel on road bikes with aero bars a very catchable distance in front of me. Just the kind that I can't resist trying to catch when on my comfort bike. And catch and drop them I did, but as I continued my route they took a shorter way that ended up eventually on the same road I was on, once again about 45-60 seconds ahead of me. So once again the chase was on, but up hill and into the wind this time. They left my route fairly quickly and so I was still about 15 seconds behind, but had been gaining despite being fairly exhausted at that point.

I finished the ride with an unimpressive effort, but still clocked in about 0.75 mph faster on average then the previous days ride that had already felt like it was tough. Proving that it is possible to be needlessly overcompetitive while also being lazy when there is no external motivation.

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Anonymous said...

You should ride with Dad and me, you would lap us (or me at least) a couple of times and could feel very proud of yourself :)
BTW, I thought the wind yesterday was VERY painful on our bike ride. That with the hills made for lots of whining!