Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rules, Rules

 I'm back from Appleton, safe and sound. Things went well enough that I could move up my flight today by a few hours. Appleton is a nice enough town, but I don't particularly like extended business travel, so I was ready to be back at home.

On Sunday night after all the work was completed, my co-worker and I went out for a drink. The bar area in Appleton is clearly a college-driven affair as during the summer all of the bars on main street (college ave) are filled with only half-a-dozen or so people. On Sunday most weren't even open. We eventually found one with an outdoor seating area on the sidewalk, and sat down to wait for a waitress. After a while I went in to find out how to get service and quite a bit later I came out empty handed. My co-worker was confused and asked "what just happened".

Here were the rules for that particular establishment, deduced through trial-and-error and being scolded:
* You did not have to go inside to order however, if you did not no waitress would come outside.
* You could order inside but you could not carry drinks outside yourself.
* The bouncer could carry drinks for you, but clearly didn't want to.
* The waitress didn't either, since you had ordered from the bartender instead of her.

When I first tried carrying my drinks outside and the bouncer stopped me and said I couldn't bring them outside, I honestly thought he was joking. Eventually we were able to navigate the gauntlet of beverage-related restrictions to legally get two beers into the outdoor seating area, but it was amusing in a 'really?' sort of way?

In the end we left after our one beer, partly because it had been a long day, and partly because I didn't want to go through the work of trying to get another drink. Now that's customer service.

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