Wednesday, July 21, 2010


 On Saturday last weekend I had some free time in Appleton and so my co-worker and I went up to Green Bay and took a tour of Lambeau Field. The tour was a bit expensive ($11 a person) but took you through a 49 person suite, through the Packer's tunnel onto the field and on the field itself (more-or-less, you couldn't go on the grass).

We were outed almost immediately as non-Packer fans, likely in part because we were nearly the only people on the tour without some form of Packers apparel, and the tour guide and other tourists harassed us mercilessly for the rest of the tour. The stadium seemed nice, the new atrium and suites that were added a few years ago are definitely top end. The 'bowl' of the stadium was left alone during the last renovation and the aluminum benches look like they would be awfully cold during those late season games.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the locker rooms, that seemed like it would have been a good addition to the tour. The claim was that they were open to players year round and so they couldn't have random people in there. Which is likely true, but still would have added some more value to the tour. Going through the tunnel, however, was pretty cool. As was standing on the field and listening to the Packers fans yell "Go Pack Go" across the field and having it echo back.

Before the tour we ate at Curly's Pub (named after Curly Lambeau). They had Curly's Ale, made by Leinenkugel's especially for Lambeau Field which tasted a lot like Leine's Red. They also played perfectly into the Wisconsin cliches with a half-pound burger that came with a quarter-pound sausage on top of it, and sauerkraut. I was too chicken to order it, but my co-worker did and said it was awesome.

We also stopped at the Packers pro shop where I was disappointed in the lack of loony Packers gear. Given the fervor of their fans, I was expecting some over-the-top items but mostly they were very run of the mill. Apparently the NFL has clamped down on just what you can put your logo on.

Overall the tour was fun, even for a non Packers fan. I talked to several people at our customer's site who described it as a near 'religious experience' and I could see that if you were a Packers fanatic.

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