Monday, August 09, 2010

Camera Planning

I love our DSLR camera, it takes great pictures, is fast, has a good zoom lems, and works reasonably well in low light. It's also huge and clunky, and as a result I don't take it to as many places as I probably should. I would definitely still buy it, but the little point and shoot makes a surprising amount of appearances despite being relatively frustrating in terms of whether it will produce a good picture.

When I went to Denver, I brought along the point and shoot camera thinking that it would be good for taking pictures in the mountains on the hike. Instead, when it actually came time for the hike I decided that I wasn't sure what sort of hike it was going to be, how long, how strenuous, etc and so I wouldn't bring the camera. I'd have my phone with anyways, in case I wanted to take pictures.

Proving, I guess, just how lazy I am. Not bringing the DSLR, OK. But too lazy to carry around a pocket sized point-and-shoot? That's a new low, even for me. It was a fitting punishment, then, when the hike was extremely picturesque as was the trip to Red Rock Amphitheater. From which I now only have mobile phone pictures.

Go me.

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