Monday, August 23, 2010

Emergency Repairs

The planned post today was derailed by the discovery tonight that the long string from the mattress which Pippen got caught around her feet yesterday was actually the only thing holding one of the seams together. So after flipping the mattress and changing the sheets tonight, we discovered what was effectively a gaping hole in the side.

Despite the fact that my mattress is over 11 years old, I am surprisingly bitter about its self-destruction over the past six months or so. Apparently one last move was too much, as it has now developed a weird 'lean', a horrendously uncomfortable side (making one out of every 4 weeks no fun), and now a gaping maw of a tear.

Luckily Linzy is an ace seamstress and was able to sew up the tear. Hopefully buying us a week or two to decide whether we bite the bullet and replace it with a new King sized mattress and sell our fancy sleigh bed frame (only a few months old from craigslist), or allow a piece of used furniture to rule our purchases and buy a new Queen replacement mattress that would work with the bed frame. With option B, we would of course tell ourselves that it was 'temporary', knowing full well that we would never manage to convince the budget that it was a good idea to replace a perfectly good bed.

I'm not sure if 11 years is a reasonable time to expect a mattress to last. On one hand it seems like a long time, but on the other it seems like mattresses are one of those things that should last nearly forever.

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