Thursday, August 05, 2010

Home from Denver

I got home from my trip to Denver tonight pretty tired after a long four days. Considering most of what I did was sit in meetings or go to dinners and events, there isn't much excuse for feeling tired, but that's what I am.

The trip was successful and there was some fun to be had along the way, including a very fun GPS hike through the Rocky Mountain foothills. After the hike we also stopped by Red Rocks Amphitheater and go to see the amazing natural acoustics. You can also see a huge rainstorm in the background over Denver (it had already passed over us while on the hike). One night we also had dinner at the Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery which was an interesting place. That event was in what was generously described as a courtyard, but basically was an alley in between a building and the garage/winery in back. The wine and food was good, and it seems like the proprietor is going to be very successful.

It is nice to be back home though, and I am looking forward to two weeks at home before having to travel again.

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