Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iowa State Fair

IMG_1787This weekend Linzy and I drove down to Des Moines to see Dan and Kelli and so Linzy and Kelli could go see Sugarland in concert at the Iowa State Fair. The trip down on Friday was uneventful and a piece of cake (less then 4 hours including a sit-down stop of dinner). On Saturday we went to lunch with Dan and Kelli, hung out at their house for a few hours and then hit the Iowa State Fair.

I had never been to any state fair other then the MN State Fair before this weekend, but as a now well-traveled state fair veteran I can assure you, based on a highly scientific sampling, that they are all the same. The attractions, people attending, food, rides, etc all looked pretty much the same. So much so that my original plan was to take a bunch of pictures of both the Iowa State Fair and the MN State Fair and challenge you to pick which were which. But in the end, the loyalty of Iowa citizens to their college football teams and state made that less difficult then I was envisioning when concocting the plan.

Anyways, we had a good time at the fair. It was ridiculously hot, but since it was the last weekend of the fair the crowds were very manageable. The food selections did strike both Linzy and I as somewhat less varied then the MN State Fair, but we weren't sure whether this was actually true, or just a factor of the fact that we know where all the weird food is at the MN State Fair. We also got a little turned around with the layout, so it is possible that we didn't venture into the 'cool food' area.

In the evening, Linzy and Kelli went to the concert (which was reportedly good), while Dan and I went to a movie. The original plan was to go and see Scott Pilgrim, but there were no convenient showtimes available, so we settled on the Expendables. Which was amusing, in an 80's action movie sort of way. Perhaps it took itself a little too seriously, but there was no lack of stuff blowing up and people getting beat up.

Today we drove back home, and it is hard to believe the weekend is already over. Back to the grind I guess, at least until Friday when we double down on deep-fried Fair food with a MN State Fair trip.

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