Sunday, August 29, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

IMG_1804On Friday I took the day off work and went to the state fair with Linzy, Brenden and Allison. The weather was great, and the fair was not nearly as crowded as I was expecting for the first Friday of the fair. We spent about five hours wandering around the grounds looking at things and hitting up the various food stands.

In the Eco building we stopped to see the cool Tesla Roadster, which definitely looks fun to drive. Perhaps not as cool as the Porsche Spyder Hybrid, but much less expensive. The most interesting thing was that the car has no shiftable transmission, just buttons for park, drive, reverse and neutral. The range is unimpressive (240 miles per charge when new), but it seems like a good thing to be working on.

We also waited in line for about 30 minutes to try out the Kinect (motion sensing cameras for the XBox 360). The game Brenden and I played together was a rafting game that is part of Kinect Adventures. The system seemed to do a good job of detecting our movements and was responsive, and the game was fairly fun (although I'm not sure about the replay value). I doubt I'll be investing $150 in one, but it was fun to try out.

Despite only being in the fair grounds for about five hours, I managed to consume an embarrassing quantity of food. After not having much at the Iowa State Fair last weekend, I decided to stick with my favorites and so had some mini-doughnuts, tried some of Brenden and Allison's garlic fries, had jalapeno and cheese french fried ravioli, some Sweet Martha's cookies, and some of fresh cut french fries. Everything was good. The garlic fries were a first, and were a bit overpowering so trying a few was plenty. My favorite was probably the jalapeno and cheese ravioli, which aren't super spicy but are just tasty.

Around 7pm it was time to move on to the primary reason we were at the fair that particular day: the Rush concert!

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Brenden said...

I think we must have been in the right areas to avoid the crowd.

Both Thursday and Friday were record days for attendance.