Sunday, August 08, 2010


I was talking with a co-worker while out in Denver about how she had canceled her cable and gone to basically all online streaming. When she did this, the sales person tried to get her to reconsider by saying "But it is hot outside, don't you want to curl up in your basement and just watch movies?". Not exactly a Minnesota-oriented sales pitch, I guess. Along the same lines, the list of movies and shows from the past month is pretty short.

Shutter Island - For some reason I was expecting this to be scary. It was not, particularly, tending more towards 'creepy medical institution' then outright scary. The plot twists were predictable and while I liked the ending overall the movie wasn't as good as I was expecting.

Book of Eli - First, I should confess that I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies. Put a few hardened characters in the desert wasteland that is all that is left after some disaster has befallen earth, and there is a good chance I will like the movie. If you can avoid zombies and/or vampires, there's an even better chance I will like the movie. Exhibit A: Book of Eli. Hardened characters - check. Desert wasteland - check. Story intertwined with world building of just exactly what went wrong - check. No zombies or vampires - check. I couldn't help but like the film. Linzy wasn't as much of a fan, despite her love of Denzel Washington.

Burn Notice Season 3 - I finished the first four episodes and am enjoying the show nearly as much as the first two seasons. I am a little disappointed that up to this point they haven't created a nemesis for Micheal Westen that is as effective as in past seasons. Bruce Campbell is awesome as always, and so the show works well while I am exercising.

Inception - Outstanding. I loved the whole thing, from the convoluted sci-fi elements, to the plot, to the action, everything. It was 2.5 hours of pure entertainment. Linzy liked it just as much, although she had a harder time accepting the ending. Go see it.

Green Zone - Meh. I was expecting Bourne Supremacy-ish quality, and the film didn't live up to that. Action packed, yes, and sporting gritty editing, but the story was predictable and the characters were not particularly well fleshed out.

Heat - I finished watching this while exercising, after watching Burn Notice. Watching the firefight down the street outside of the bank job reminded me why I liked the movie so much when I was in high school. Other then that, I was only mildly interested.

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Bill Roehl said...

Heat has a lot of great parts but a lot of bad ones but when they take the armored car out with the truck--that's just an awesome scene (aside from the shootout at the end).