Thursday, August 26, 2010

Netflix iPhone App

I'm excited about the iPhone Netflix app, despite not yet having a particular use case for it. We have the 360 for streaming Netflix in the family room, and if I was more motivated the Wii could be used in the basement for the same. So in general I don't have any particular need for it, but it does seem like a useful thing when traveling instead of ripping a whole bunch of shows to the ipod classic.

I tried the app out a little tonight and it seemed pretty good. It was a little slow logging in (which I assume is do to the mad rush of people), and browsing the instant queue and episodes of a show was very laggy. But once the show started it played fine, and the quality seemed great. I suppose the smaller screen helps with that.

I was a little disappointed to find that it doesn't allow you to adjust your normal queue, which is somewhat difficult to do through the iPhone's browser. I am frequently eating breakfast and reading e-mail, only to see a reminder that Netflix received movies but then remember I haven't setup the queue yet. Since at that point it is usually too late to be able to adjust things anymore, it probably wouldn't help to be able to do it right from the phone. But at least then I could take care of it right away.

Overall, I'm just excited to see one more option for streaming content. Especially since Netflix just signed another movie channel, which should hopefully help beef up their streamable selection. I just keep waiting for that glorious day when we can legitimately cancel cable.

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