Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Over or Under

Today we had two new trees delivered to two of the Maple trees that were put in back at the end of June. In less then a month, both went from apparently healthy to dead as a door nail.

There was some debate at the greenhouse over why they would have died so quickly, but they were sure it was either overwatering or underwatering (read: my fault). While I was, of course, firmly in the 'bad trees' camp (read: not my fault). The discussion about over versus under watering was somewhat amusing since there were two tree barn guys involved who back-to-back argued with us about how it was the opposite reason of what the previous guy theorized. In the end, since there is really no way to know and there was a one-year warranty, we have two brand new trees.

I doubt the replacement policy will be as lenient the next time, so hopefully this pair decides they like the place and sticks around. Now we just have to roll the dice on whether to water them or not.

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