Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Plastic Flooring

Last week Linzy and I were walking the dog through the neighborhood one evening, when we ran into a neighbor and her son. They were coming out of the new model home that was built to replace the old bigger/fancier one, so the conversation drifted to when the model home would be finished (it is nearly complete) and how the new houses looked inside for finishes compared with the existing houses.

The general answer was that they were a step down, which was expected, although somewhat surprising that the model didn't have a bunch of upgrades. Then her son, who is probably about 12, threw in that the mud room floor looked like plastic. And by plastic, he meant it was a vinyl floor.

But apparently he had never seen vinyl floors, or at least not this type of shiny vinyl and so thought it was plastic. Which was amusing, given all of the consternation over the newer, less-expensive house styles.

I also thought it was interesting that he had never lived in a house with vinyl floors, since they were common in most of the houses during my childhood (and our old house for that matter).

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