Monday, August 16, 2010

Target Field

IMG_1778On Sunday Linzy and I went to the Twins game with my parents. It was the first trip to the new stadium for Linzy and my parents, and I had only been to about three innings of one game so it was basically the first trip for all of us.

Our seats were amazing, just four rows above the Oakland dugout and basically even with third base. Basically it felt like we were right on the field. You could see the player's expressions, see just how fast a 100 mph pitch is, and how fast the ball comes off the bat, etc. It was also a good place for getting game balls, as the players usually threw them into the stands after each inning as they ran back to the dugout. The kids in the first couple rows ended up with quite the haul.

The game itself was exciting, with Kevin Slowey taking a no-hitter through the seventh inning. The Twins also won 4-2, had a couple innings with a few runners on base, and Jim Thome hit a monster home run.

I've never had seats that close for a baseball game and it made for a really cool experience. The new stadium is definitely nice. The other game I went to we had seats in the third level and you could see well from up there too, so it appears that the rumors of all seats being good might be true. Of course, there was certainly a cool factor being just a few feet off the field.

Throw in some really nice weather and the game was an awesome experience.


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