Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Can Find Anything

Tonight books were on my mind for a variety of reasons, and particularly old books. Perhaps because I was thinking about my parent's plans to clean out their basement and wondering what old books I still have stashed in their closet. While I was thinking of books I enjoyed reading while growing up, I recalled a sci-fi series of books about a young boy in space.

I distinctly remember picking the books out at the book store in the mall prior to going off to summer camp or perhaps on vacation. And I remember spending the entire time leading up to the trip complaining about not being allowed to start reading the books right away.

But what I couldn't remember was the name of any of the books, or the main character. Which really started to bother me. I vaguely remembered in one of the books him building/inventing some sort of spaceship, but nothing else.

Luckily we now have the Internet, where I could type in the sum total of what I could remember "old sci fi young inventor book", and it promptly came up with Tom Swift. The name sounded familiar but the sample covers looked nothing like I remembered. But then I found a site showing the third Tom Swift series covers, I immediately recognized two of them: The War in Outer Space and The Astral Fortress.

Of course, now that I have satisfied my curiosity, I don't have a particular need to re-read the books and vaguely remember getting rid of them when cleaning up because they didn't hold up well as I got older. But it was still amusing to me that I could put in such a completely random search string and have the first result give me the name I needed to be able to find exactly what I was looking for.

Any day now Skynet will become self-aware, I guess.

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