Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Amphibian Graveyard

DSC_5342I was mowing the grass this morning in the unseasonably cold weather and as I passed the egress window pit I noticed a large black lizard laying next to the drain pipe. He was the largest lizard I've ever seen in the wilds of Minnesota, but probably isn't native since he was extremely sluggish in the cold weather. Linzy and I took him out of the pit and away from the house so he could find a more permanent home.

While I was in the pit, however, I noticed that apparently it has become an amphibian graveyard. There were tons of dead frogs, as well as the bodies of two smaller lizards that were probably the same species as the slightly hardier one. While I was collecting all the dead bodies, I also found a still living frog nestled in amongst the rocks (who we also freed).

I'm not even sure how they all got into the pit without injuring themselves, since it is a good 5 foot drop to the bottom. It was kind of gross,and I felt bad for the lizards who seem unlikely to survive the winter if two of the three couldn't survive the early fall temperatures. Hopefully he found his way into the sewers and somewhere warmer.

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