Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Damaged Goods

Linzy and I have spent the past three or four weeks trying to buy a somewhat expensive piece of furniture. It can be purchased in a store, but they don't actually stock it and so it has to be shipped to our house. Which is fine, since it saves us having to rent a truck to bring it home.

The first order never even made it to our house. A few days after it left the warehouse, UPS marked it as 'damaged' and canceled delivery. The store wouldn't do anything about it until they received it back and so we waited 3 or four days while it wended its way back. Then they credited our purchase back but never actually called to say it had been returned or to order us a new one. They were apparently just going to cancel the whole order.

After some stern discussions with the store, a new one was ordered and the process started again. This time the box actually showed up at the house, looking worse for wear, but at least acceptable enough to accept delivery. Paul and I carried it upstairs, but when I opened the packaging the furniture was a wreck with huge scratches and gouges on all of the pieces of wood.

After talking with both the store (about their shoddy shipping processes) and the vendor (about their extra shoddy packing processes) we have to pack everything back up for shipment back. After which we have to again wait for it to arrive back at the warehouse, and reorder the piece again.

Phone calls have been made and vehement complaints have been lodged, but up to this point have been more-or-less ineffective. I am extremely skeptical of whether a third attempt is even worth it, as it seems unlikely to result in any different outcome. And that just makes the whole process that much more frustrating.

Years ago I told Linzy that we would no longer buy any sort of furniture that came in a box and needed assembly. That served us well, and this ordeal makes me wish this type of product was actually available any other way. But alas, we will continue to be at the mercy of UPS and their not-so-gentle shipping processes, and the manufacture's cheap-ass packing processes.


Bill Roehl said...

I received three chest freezers, much in the same manner, before they delivered one which was acceptable--not perfect but acceptable. I feel your pain.

I also have told my wife we will never again buy furniture from a box that requires assembly mostly because I hate putting it together. She has decided it's far better to do that way and now she puts it together. Works for me.

Steve Eck said...

I like putting things together, so that isn't the issue at all. Rather it is just the general quality and/or damage from me putting them together that is the issue.