Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello, Goodbye

DSC_5362Linzy and I got home safe and sound this evening from our vacation in San Diego. We flew there on Wednesday and spent the rest of the weekend and weekend touring around the town, seeing the sites, and generally having a great time. We stayed at a hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter, through a deal I got thanks to the many nights I've spent at other hotels in the same chain for work. The location turned out to be awesome with a ridiculous amount of great restaurants within walking distance and all sorts of entertaining things to see nearby.

The picture is of Linzy in front of the USS Midway, which was an aircraft carrier built just after World War II, and used up until 1992. It was the flagship during Operation Desert Storm and is now a museum in San Diego harbor. Touring it was really interesting as you were able to go all over the place and see the wide variety of aircraft that had been on it during the many years it was in use.

Unfortunately my time at home will total less then twelve hours as I have to head to Omaha for work Mon-Wed this week. From there, I'm back home for about four days before leaving for a trip to India with a stop in Chicago on the way back. After that, I should be back home for a while. Or at least that is the plan at the moment.

Finally, lest Linzy accuse me of making this blog all about death and destruction lately, I've included a picture of a very tired and cute Koala from the San Diego zoo.


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Andrea said...

Wow, that koala picture almost looks too perfect. That's some nice photography there!