Monday, September 13, 2010

Useful Knowledge

One night last week while Linzy and I were in San Diego, we were at the evening wine reception at our hotel relaxing after a day of sight seeing. Mostly we were people watching as free wine always makes for quality entertainment.

Among the more amusing was a guy who was extremely talkative and found a receptive listener nearby to regale with random tales. At one point he was commenting on the 'Olive Mulch' (Tapenade) and bread appetizer that was on the table and how much he liked. But didn't know what it was, and so decided to refer to it as mulch.

Then he was talking about some beach up the coast where there had been an increase in shark attacks over the past few years. He was blaming that on a beached whale that had been buried in the sand some years earlier and now the sharks were 'just checking out what they could eat'. The story was apparently that there was a squad of three surfers, but only one was attacked.

To that, I leaned over and reminded Linzy that you didn't have to be faster then the shark, just faster then one of your surfing buddies.

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