Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wild Kingdom

Yesterday, our backyard was like an episode of the Wild Kingdom. First, I discovered the amphibian graveyard that our egress window has turned into. Then, for some reason I pissed off the birds that have a nest in the next yard over and they spent 40 minutes dive-bombing me. Worse, over time all of their friends showed up until there were literally 10 birds swooping through the skies at me. It was like The Birds. Finally, I ended up catching the mole that has been making a mess of the back corner of the yard by the Maple trees (which, I might add, are not doing much better then the first set).

I felt bad for the mole, of course, but not bad enough to allow him to find a good-looking female mole and breed a family of yard-destroying rodents. Plus I kept worrying that Pippen was going to get wind of him and revert to what she was bred for, killing rodents. Digging up the yard even more until that task was accomplished.

So, looking back at this post I guess it was more about all of the animals that died in our yard. That's depressing.

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