Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This afternoon there was some excitement in the neighborhood. Our next door neighbor's daughter was being dropped off at home after cheerleading practice. Her friend, along with a carload of other high school girls was driving a shiny new silver Honda Pilot SUV.

After dropping off my neighbor, the girls somehow managed to back out of the driveway, head down the road to leave the neighborhood and within half-a-house worth of road build up enough speed to demolish a mailbox on the opposite side of the street. And not just bump the mailbox, or knock it over, demolish it.

No one is quite sure how this happened since there wasn't really enough room to have built up 'lose control' speed, nor were the roads slippery with rain, snow, or ice.

After running over the mailbox, the driver was standing in the middle of the road sobbing, I presume with fear over what her parents were going to say, since no one was hurt.

The fact that no one was hurt also leaves me free to think the whole episode was hilarious, and to help you understand the ridiculousness of the accident, I've created a drawing of the dramatic event:

Texting while driving, distracted by three friends in the back being silly, we may never know. But at least only a mailbox paid the price.


Brenden said...

Hilarious drawing!

Anonymous said...

Love the drawing and glad that all involved will most likely have learned the "pay attention while driving" lesson that we all need once in awhile, without anyone (but the mailbox) getting hurt.

Sri said...

Nice Drawing ..... :-)