Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Double Damaged Goods

I complained back in September about failed attempts to have furniture shipped to our house. The first shipment never even made it, it was damaged enough during UPS handling that we never saw it. So we reordered, and it made it to the house but was damaged and sent back. We gave them one more shot, and that one was equally as damaged. The frustrating part was looking at the packing materials in the second failed attempt at shipping and wondering how any items ever make it to their destination undamaged.

Witness the state the box was in, immediately after opening:

I assume everything was not just haphazardly thrown into the box on shipment, but because there was almost nothing solid in the box other then the furniture pieces, everything shifted around until the pieces were broken, scratched, or both.

One of the best moves was resting a metal piece inside a larger wooden piece, with nothing between them to protect the wood. Resulting in scratches like this:

You can't really see the depth of the scratches in the picture, nor the chipped corner from the box of hardware that was 'protecting' the piece from the side, but they weren't just surface things that could be buffed out and went all down the front of both sides of the primary piece of wood. A couple of the smaller pieces of wood had gotten caught between larger pieces and snapped during shipping.

All in all, a stellar piece of shipping work by Basset Baby.

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