Sunday, October 10, 2010


Over the past month, I watched quite a few movies/tv shows but virtually none at home. Which I suppose makes sense, since I was only at home for about 10 days. But, as I also had over 40 hours worth of plane flights, there was plenty of time for keeping my metabolism low and staring at a screen.

Karate Kid (new version) - On the flight from Minneapolis -> Paris we did not have on-demand movies, and this was what was showing. It was OK I suppose, but not one crane kick? Seriously, did they watch the original?

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage - I was specifically saving this for watching on the plane flight to India, and really enjoyed it. But, I'm a fan of Rush and documentaries (especially music documentaries), so my enjoyment of it was expected. I enjoyed the way-back footage of the band such as video of an 18-year old Alex Leifson telling his parents he wants to drop out of school to be a guitarist (how they happened to capture that on video is mind boggling). Anyways, it kept me very entertained, although your milage may vary unless you like documentaries and/or Rush.

The Back-up Plan - Recommended by my boss, of all people, I thought it was reasonably funny. The highlight was when one of the support group ladies is giving birth in a pool in the middle of a living room.

Prince of Persia - Yikes, what to say. The fighting was pretty cool, and there were lots of special effects. I managed to stay awake during it, despite being up for 40 hours or so at that point. Other then that, I don't have much to say.

Entourage Season 6 - I always seem to zip through Entourage seasons, even though the show has clearly fallen far from its origins. Season 6 was OK, with occasional funny parts and lots of mediocre episodes. I did enjoy Lloyd standing up for himself, however, and it worked well for chewing up almost 6 hours of plane flights.

A-team - Oh, this movie was so bad, yet I enjoyed it. Maybe I was just tired, but it amused me.

Green Street Hooligans - Another movie that I specifically brought with for the travel. I really enjoyed this one, it had good acting and an interesting plot. Very entertaining.

Invictus - A movie about South Africa's rugby team competing in the world cup the year apartheid ended. It was very well done, and kept my interest. I liked watching the rugby action as well.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 2 - I'm in the middle of re-watching season 2 of Big Bang Theory, after watching four or five episodes on plane flights. It's been amusing, although I am always disappointed while watching the gradual shift of the show to focus more on Sheldon's neurotic behavior and less on everyone else.

Clash of the Titans (2010) - This was not nearly as bad as I was expecting. It was not good, but I was expecting eye-bleeding terrible, and it was very watchable. Release the Kraken!

The Crazies - This was much more a zombie movie then I was expecting, and it turned out to be OK. A bit grim, but I liked the way they showed the progression from small town to crazy zombie-infected land. Not really scary so much as startling, but it was not the worst movie I've seen.

The Godfather - I watched this while exercising this week, and was reminded just how great of a movie it is. Especially when re-watching it with the volume cranked so hear can hear what the hell Marlon Brando is mumbling. I'm moving on to Godfather 2 next. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

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