Monday, October 04, 2010


On the flights to India this time, I was four for four on meals that were more-or-less unappetizing, where I chose not to eat a majority of the meal. The meals are usually so large that even if you eat miscellaneous accompaniments (like the crusty bread on the Air France flights) and a few other things you'll be just fine until they feed you again four hours later.

I was expecting this, so it didn't surprise me, but what did surprise me this time was the wine. It was already opened when the stewardess pulled it out of the cart. My co-worker had mentioned to me that on her first flight, the wine bottle was already opened, and on the second (I didn't have wine on the first one) we both were given pre-opened bottles. I also watched the bottles on later flights and they appeared to be opened as well.

Why would a single serve bottle of wine be pre-opened? That seems crazy, even for notoriously cheap airlines. I have to assume it was a fluke, or I just didn't notice them subtly open the bottle before taking it out of the cart. I sure hope they aren't standing in the galley with a big funnel, a giant case of wine-in-a-box, and a bunch of little bottles. Or, maybe I do, as long as we could watch the entertainment.

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