Tuesday, November 23, 2010


All of the fervor over the backscatter machines they are using at the airports these days seems destined to result in their removal. Certainly enough people seem up in arms about them, and the whole scheme seems rife for perverts, privacy concerns and questions about the effectiveness in the first place.

On my trip to San Jose last month I was selected to go through one for the first time. I did not object and went through the machine, but the whole process actually took much longer then I was expecting. The delay after having gone through until they reviewed my image was significantly longer then it would have taken to go through the metal detector. Especially when they had to do an extra inspection of my arm to look at my watch.

I can only imagine what it will be like as they try to ramp up the number of people going through it, and have people objecting, are doing the extra pat-downs, and generally just having problems. Seems like a disaster for anyone traveling this holiday week.

On the positive side, thus far I haven't grown any strange appendages. On the negative side I also haven't yet developed super powers, so perhaps it takes more then one trip before the XRays take effect.

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TC769 said...

On the Monday before and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there were hardly any problems in the Atlanta International airport. My father had to go through the new scanner, but my mother and I just went through the metal detector. I only saw one person wanting to "opt out" to the pat down. Then again we flew Airtran-not as popular as Delta or Continental. (By the way I've no idea who you are, i just clicked "Next Blog" and it brought me here.) Check out my featured artists music blog!