Monday, November 01, 2010

California Hockey

While I was in San Jose last week on Wednesday night I went with two co-workers to see the San Jose Sharks play the New Jersey Devils. I am not a huge hockey fan, as evidenced by the fact that the only professional hockey games I've been to all having been either free tickets or with work, but it was fun to see a different stadium.

The HP Pavilion arena was interesting. From the outside it looked like pretty modern and cool with a bunch of soaring metal and glass windows on either end. Inside the walkways and walls/ceilings turned out to mostly be plain, dull concrete.

The stadium is much less steep then the Excel, so our seats were quite a way further from the ice then ideal. But you could actually see pretty well considering we bought the tickets outside the stadium for about what we would have paid for last minute tickets through ticketmaster/stubhub.

The game was good, both teams are struggling this year but the Sharks put things together in this game and won handily. It helped that Martin Brodeur was looking every one of his 38 years and had a terrible game. Since the Sharks were so far ahead, things got a little chippy and the goons came out for a couple fights. That kept things interesting.

One thing that was a bit different at San Jose, other then vast selection of mexican food that was available, was the clothing that everyone was wearing inside the arena. Basically everyone had what was probably their warmest jacket on, and many many people were sporting hats. I was rocking short-sleeves as it happened, just to show off that thick Minnesota blood.

Overall going to the sharks game was fun evening entertainment.

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