Sunday, November 14, 2010

Change of Plans

This weekend Linzy had a breastfeeding class that I declined to attend, and so my Mom went with her instead. The plan was to finish up the last of the fall yard work on Saturday, pulling out the hostas and trimming some of the bushes that got a little asymmetrical during their first year. That turned out to be not such a good plan.

On Friday night when we were driving home from visiting friends, the snow was just starting. By the time the dog woke me up on Saturday morning to go outside, we already had a bunch of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down. It snowed all day, basically, and we ended up with a bunch of snow.

How much exactly is hard to tell since it was really wet and so tended to pack down pretty tightly. Plus since I cleared the driveway twice (once for Linzy to leave and once to come home) I never really cleared the full amount. On the positive side, my snowblower actually put together two consecutive reasonable performances, saving my back from having to shovel the super heavy snow by hand.

With the snow the weekend ended up pretty laid back. In addition to the previously mentioned dinner at Jason and Tanwi's house with former co-workers, I did miscellaneous chores around the house while Linzy was at class, we watched a movie, and today just mostly relaxed. It was a nice change of pace.

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